A Social and Emotional Learning Platform

PopScholar helps students own their future by providing schools with a FREE online Social and Emotional Learning Platform where students can set goals, post accomplishments, earn PopScholar Dollars, and claim MicroScholarships.

Set goals

Students connect with Sponsors of their choosing and set goals in the Straight A Categories.

Post accomplishments

Students show they are making progress achieving their goals by regularly posting accomplishments.

Earn PopScholar Dollars

Sponsors earn PS$ for encouraging Students and award PS$ to Students for accomplishing their Goals.

Claim MicroScholarships

Students can use the PS$ they’ve earned to claim MicroScholarships.

Setting Goals

Fundamental to Social and Emotional Learning is students taking ownership of their education by setting goals and learning the value of persistence in accomplishing their goals. PopScholar encourages students to set goals in the five Straight A Categories of Academics, Activities, Altruism, Art and Athletics. By teaching students how to set goals and persevere in achieving their goals, PopScholar helps students grow socially and emotionally so they will become well-rounded and thoughtful individuals.






Building Community

Students work to complete the PopScholar Straight A Cycle. The Straight A Cycle is completed when a student posts 25 total accomplishments; five accomplishments in each of the five Straight A Categories.

Students can keep track of their accomplishments in the Student Stats section of their Portfolio page.

As students post accomplishments, the sponsors with whom they have chosen to connect will see their accomplishments. Sponsors can then respond to the student’s accomplishment by applauding, commenting, and awarding PopScholar Dollars.

By encouraging students to set goals and persist in achieving their goals, parents, teachers, and other sponsors will provide students with the social and emotional support they need to be successful in school and in life. Use PopScholar to build a safe, nurturing online community in your classroom today!

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How do Students earn PopScholar Dollars?

Students can earn PopScholar Dollars by:
1. Completing their entire profile.
2. Posting at least one accomplishment per day.
3. Answering Challenge questions posted by PopScholar

Sponsors can earn PopScholar Dollars by:
1. Completing their entire profile.
2. Applauding and commenting on a student’s accomplishment.
3. Sponsors can also buy PopScholar Dollars.

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What are MicroScholarships?

Getting a $25,000 scholarship for college is great, but millions of students need help paying for basic school supplies, expensive textbooks, and even food every day.

Therefore, PopScholar has partnered with TangoCard.com to award students with MicroScholarships in the form of $10 gift cards to the following businesses: Target, Barnes and Noble, Chipotle, and Panera.

Students can also claim a Tango Card which can be redeemed for over 100 different gift cards from all of your favorite stores!

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How is PopScholar Funded?

PopScholar is funded by parents and teachers who care about students, their education, and our world. No personal information is ever shared with other companies and you can delete your posts and your account at anytime.

As PopScholar grows we look forward to not only more students, parents, and teachers joining our cause, but also socially minded organizations and businesses who want to help us make the world a better place one student at a time.

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Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.

John Dewey

How To


My child comes home every day from school and wants to post his assignments on PopScholar.  He loves to show off his hard work and read the encouraging comments from his relatives.

Debbie Garcia, Parent

PopScholar helps me stay focused on my goals.  It's easier to concentrate and get your work done when you're working toward something, especially when meeting your goals results in real rewards.

Edgar Hurtado, Student

My students love to share their work with me from other classes by posting it on PopScholar. They have more fun with school and work harder when they know others will see it and reward their strong effort.

Peter Vlahos, Teacher

Who We Are

PopScholar was created by teachers, parents and students as a way to make the world a better place one student at a time. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Help@PopScholar.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

Improving the lives of students improves the world for us all.